Power Washing

Westchester Power Washing : The Power of Pressure Washing Your Westchester Home

Here in Westchester the winters can be bitterly cold and long and the summers can be blistering hot and humid. Weather, mold and dust can really mar the appearance of your home. Luckily, a good old fashion Westchester power washing can strip away years of dirt, grime and exposure to the elements from your suburban Westchester home.

Now, before you go off to the Home and Garden Center and buy one of those do-it-yourself power washers, consider a few factors. One, using a power or pressure washer properly takes practice. A pre-soak with a detergent, degreaser or some other chemical agent is always a good idea and using warm or hot water works better at cleaning surfaces than cold water. Two, those smaller power washers may not have the force needed to reach high places on your home’s exterior. Commercial Westchester NY Power Washing Companies usually use between 4 to 6 gpm and 1500 to 3500 psi. Three, a professional power washing service knows how to add the proper levels of bleach and other chemicals to the job without damaging shrubs and other ornamental plants around your home.

What’s more, when it comes to power washing or pressure washing in Westchester NY, different surfaces requires more or less pressure and attention. For example, while power washing or pressure washing a wooden deck, too much pressure could damage or even split the wood. A professional power washer will know how to handle washing siding differently than cleaning up a concrete walkway in front of your Westchester home.

When it comes to pressure washing or power washing a home in Westchester, or anyplace for that matter, the prudent thing to do is to select a company that either specializes in pressure washing or does a great deal of it throughout the year.

The more experienced and proficient the company is at the power washing function the better. Paint companies that also power wash homes are usually a good choice for the job. They know a great deal about home exterior surfaces and know what levels of pressure is needed to pressure wash those surfaces without damage or discoloration.