Hiring The Right Westchester Painting Company

Hiring The Right Westchester Painting Company

There are lots of painting contractors in Westchester County, New York. Many are reputable, some, unfortunately are not as reputable. Here are some tips consumers should consider before signing on the dotted line.

1) Ask around for a reference from a family member or friend who has used painters in Westchester NY that they are happy with and are willing to recommend.

2) If you can’t find a personal reference, go to Angie’s list of Home Advisor or the Better Business Bureau in Westchester County to see which Westchester Painting Company has the highest ratings and recommendations … or the lowest.

3) Once you’ve chosen a Westchester Painting Company or two or three, meet with them.

4) Tell them exact what you want done and what you’re expectations are, especially is the job requires a bit of wall repair or wallpaper removal Westchester NY.

5) Make sure your house painters Westchester NY Company is willing to give you a written estimate so you can compare exactly what you’re getting – for example, number of coats etc.

6) Get the specs of the job down in writing and sign a contract for the job

7) Ask for a guarantee – if you’re dealing with a reputable Painting Company in Westchester, they are more than likely to guarantee their work in full.

One last tip: pick out the paint you want yourself. This way there is no disputing about the color and quality you expected from the beginning. Pick out the finish as well: flat or satin or gloss. And if it’s staining you’re having done, make sure you get the right shade and the right grade of finish you want. Lacquers also come in satin and high gloss finishes. If you don’t know the differences in finish, ask the painting company you’re hiring to show you. It is very important the job meets your every expectation.

Remember, the reason you’re going with a professional painting company in Westchester and not doing the work yourself is because you’re expecting a job done professionally, efficiently and on time. It’s your money and your home; don’t settle for anything but the absolute best job you can get.